Project Life Cycle Management

“…Product Lifecycle Management is our integrated package of repairs, Obsolescence Management and Through-life Support. It’s the way we keep products alive that makes us different…”

At IDB Systems we specialise in the repair of products manufactured by Industrial Development Bangor and the repair of mature VMEbus boards having the facility for re-working both through-hole and surface mount technologies or a mixture of both. IDB Systems engineers possess significant experience in repairing board and system-level products.
Repair services are the foundation of our Product Lifecycle Management systems and we have developed the skills that mean IDB Systems can offer repairs to products the design of which date back to the 1980’s.
IDB Systems offers a full service and calibration service of many former Industrial Development Bangor products including:
ID-465 Powder Resistivity Meter
ID-471 Conduction to Ground Meter
ID-482A Surface Resistance Meter
ID-489 Charge Decay Meter

Obsolescence Management

Dealing with component or software obsolescence is a continuing struggle in today’s climate of change.
We offer a number of different strategies for dealing with obsolescence including re-engineering the equipment in order to offer identical functionality.
Our investment in the latest Mentor Graphics CAD facilities with its ability to import designs eases the process but experience dictates that a strategy needs to be tuned to the needs of individual products.
If your product is not listed above then we invite you to contact our customer support team to discuss your individual requirements and see if we can help you.


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