Hazardous Area Personal Test Meters


The ID921B Hazardous Area Personnel Test Meter is designed for use within Hazardous areas to screen personnel for the effectiveness of their wrist straps and conductive footwear.

The instrument is both ATEX and IECEx certified with an Equipment Protection Level of Db (zones 21 and 22) and Gc (zone 2) with an Ingression Protection rating of 65.

The ID921B is available in variants to support both Conductive and antistatic regimes as described in JSP482.

The test results are displayed in digital form on a 3.4” TFT display located on the front of the instrument.


This instrument can be used to screen personnel who work within an area operating a conductive regime as defined in JSP482.

Such a regime is necessary when the minimum ignition level of the material in its process state is either unknown or is less than 1mJ.

The instrument is battery operated, carries an Ingression Protection (IP) rating of 5X and can be located outside the hazardous area for personnel to test the effectiveness of their wrist straps and/or conductive footwear. The inclusion of the meter gives the user an indicator as to how close to the limit their equipment is which is useful for determining when pro-active maintenance is necessary.

Other configurations are available so please contact IDB Systems to discuss your specific requirements.


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