Conduction to Ground Monitors


The ID-471A Conduction to Ground monitor is an essential piece of equipment necessary for screening personnel and establishing the effectiveness of their conductive footwear.

Testers can be supplied in a number of configurations with critical resistance settings of either 1000MΩ (109) or 100MΩ (108).


The ID-471B Conduction to ground tester offers additional functionality to the ID-471A, with the inclusion of an analogue meter and a test for a lower limit fail point at 5MΩ.

This later point is particularly important for applications where the operator may be exposed to potentially harmful Voltages. By ensuring a minimum resistive value from their conductive footwear is present.


The ID-471P is a battery operated portable wrist strap tester. Weighing 200g, and pocket sized, the instrument is ideally suited for “on-the-go” applications where checking the validity of a your wrist strap to the limits defined in BS EN 61340-5-1 (upper limit of 35MΩ and a lower limit of 750KΩ) is necessary.


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