Conduction to Ground Monitors


The ID471 Conduction to Ground monitor is an essential piece of equipment necessary for screening personnel and establishing the effectiveness of their conductive footwear.

The ID471 testers can be supplied in a number of configurations with critical resistance settings of either 1000MΩ (109) or 100MΩ (108).

Optional extras also include the provision of an analogue meter which gives a useful indication as to how close to the limit an individual is and a lower limit.


The ID-471P is a battery operated portable wrist strap tester. Weighing 200g, and pocket sized, the instrument is ideally suited for “on-the-go” applications where checking the validity of a your wrist strap to the limits defined in BS EN 61340-5-1 (upper limit of 35MΩ and a lower limit of 750KΩ) is necessary.




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